Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Finished beef stroganoff deliciousness--from FreshDirect/Real Simple.'s the beef for that stroganoff picture down there.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Finger-lickin' good--or more like a bunch of fingers...

Freakin sexy caramel deliciousness, in your face. Vanilla flavored since I didn't want to get all crazy with the stranger flavors yet. (Recipe from CIA/Chocolates & Confections--pub. 2007)

Stirring forever to make the liquid evaporate/caramelize the proteins in the milk for caramel!

Beef stroganoff deliciousness.

Both legs and ankles and feet.

What happens when a) it's Tuesday night and a bit too warm for the month b) you're sitting inside 'inoteca and suddenly feel a billion bites and scratch the hell out of them. Seriously, it was bad. I couldn't wear shoes at one point.

Scallops and truffled linguine. It was a nice dish.

1/4 lb of scallops from Citarella on my way home from work one Monday night...

And it came out looking kind of cool when it was done. If you make this cake with a springform--the caramel WILL leak through, even if you bought an expensive, fancy springform that guarantees that it won't leak. I can't decide if I like this cake better than the coffee cake--both were freakin good.

Peach Tatin Cake from Tish Boyle's The Cake Book--I couldn't layer the peaches so that they overlapped correctly, so I made this fancy pattern, which isn't all that fancy since they're just wedged halves, but it worked well.

Seats weren't as good for the NYPL event with Bill Buford, Mario Batali, and Anthony Bourdain. Interesting evening--not as awesome as I had hoped though, but we did go to Esca with Jon afterwards and that was freakin awesome! Even if we did see a rat-atouile, but it was only a little guy. The razor clams are so good.

NYPL event--Pam's boyfriend is on the second from the left. Interesting lecture. I saw him once on my way to her apt.

Finally made one of the many curries we bought at Mitsuwa. Delicious curry udon. So good.

Mini-cheesecakes from Tish Boyle's The Cake Book. So freakin cute!

Jon's fancy award.

Rock lobster? was a rock shrimp! Salt and pepper shrimp that is. Delicious!

Tasty insides...

Delicious cake: Buttermilk Peach Coffee Cake from Tish Boyle's The Cake Book.

Jon made a fancy crepe.

Crepes--made from Roux's Eggs book. Delicious!

Strange bus in front of apt. across the way.

Jeremy's an Eagle Scout!

The ladies...

Me and Tina--who's incredibly hot.

Group shot with Gajan and Mital! (Too many cameras going at the same time...)

Me, Hetal, and Dani. Can we really be so old that Mital's married?

The bride and groom. So cute!

On the steps to the hall at Mital's wedding--Ma, Dani, and Wee. Fancy steps...

At Mital's wedding with Dani and Wee--cocktail hour!

See how hot they are? HOT.

These are hot.

Delicious--and almost pokemon like, where you have to collect all their funny faces.

Where's women's pocky? Jeez.

Mitsuwa food...mmm...

On the ferry; in front of the apt.
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