Monday, March 9, 2009

Goals: Week 11

1) Gather tax materials to send to accountant.
2) Get stamps and a flat rate box from the post office.
Collect unemployment.
4) Deposit checks.
5) Clean apartment.
6) Make a cake.
7) Rent a car for Florida.
8) Not suck at ballet class.
9) Get all stationery ready for assembly.
10) Finish 7 things on this list.


Last Monday it snowed at least a few inches and stuck around for a few days. People stayed home because of the snow.

This Monday morning, I sat on the porch and read in shorts and a t-shirt. I started to even sweat just sitting under the sun directly. It's about 12:45 now, and the sun has moved to the other side of the building. It's pretty cool in the shade.

It's supposed to be a high of 65 today, 45 tomorrow, and 65 again on Wednesday. I feel like this is a trick.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So in hand with the throwing the bouquet, there's the garter toss. Before voting, please let me share with you a few stories about why I think if we do the flower and garter toss the tossing should be the end of it...everyone goes home a winner.

Exhibit A: At Lisa's wedding, she and her husband were barely out of college as were most of the guests invited. Basically everyone was single, and Lisa had a bouquet toss. Tina reluctantly caught the bouquet. Then there was the garter toss. Some kind of dorky guy adamantly went after and caught the garter. Then there was the awkward moment of him putting the garter on her. You could slice the tension and embarrassment with a knife during that moment.

Exhibit B: Hetal told me about a wedding that she went to where Tanuja caught the bouquet and so to not piss off or embarrass anyone the garter was just handed over to her boyfriend. How lame is that? If the awkwardness of putting the garter on the woman who caught the flowers was eliminated everyone could have participated. Small children too.

Exhibit C: Something like the above happened at Jon's cousin's wedding. The woman who caught the bouquet was engaged to the guy who caught the garter, but at least he had to try to catch it. It was kind of lame, but sweet nonetheless.

I guess the drama (but excitement) comes in the situations of Exhibit A (though I think everyone at that wedding is a little traumatized by it), but you come across trouble with people in relationships as in Exhibits B and C. Perhaps the best option is if we decide to do the garter toss to decide on the spot if both people are currently unattached to ask them if they want to do it. People will be expecting it right? But why?

The tradition was to rip apart a bride's dress because it was lucky to have a piece, which is why the garter was tossed instead--a relic of that tradition. The whole giving the garter to the woman who caught the flowers doesn't make any sense to me in that case then. Why give away your luck?

Still logically, a garter is kind of gross. I can't guarantee I won't sweat on it, and who wants that? Besides what do people even do with garters? Hang them next to their diplomas?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All the Single Ladies, Put Your Hands Up...

Throwing the bouquet has gotten a pretty bad reputation. However, except for maybe two or four married folks in our group of friends, all you ladies are technically single. So, let's say I wanted to give you the opportunity to figure out who among you will be married next, as the tradition goes, by throwing the bouquet at the bunch of you. (And let's just skip that gross part where some random guy at the wedding puts the garter on you. It'll just be a bunch of flowers with no strings attached afterwards.) What do you think?

Goals: Week 10

Distribute resume to people.
Edit some more pages of Jon's Grandpa's autobiography.
3) Make some mTurk earnings.
Read more pages of Infinite Jest.
5) Get wedding dress delivery thing notarized.
6) Gather tax materials to send to accountant.
7) Get stamps and a flat rate box from the post office.
Collect unemployment.
9) Deposit check.
10) Finish two things on this list.
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