Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Jon had Columbus Day off,
and we had a lovely lunch at Bill's
where I got a nacho burger.
That's right, a burger that had nachos
and all the trimming of nachos.
It was freakin' amazing.
And a strawberry shake.
And some disco fries.
And a lemonade.

After work I went to Uniqlo to try to buy
some more stretch pants.
The Old Navy pants I got
smell like burnt plastic,
even after washing them twice.
I've not smelled them lately,
but I've little hope they smell better.

Jon met me at the men's massage parlor/spa.
It's just where we happened to meet.
We were going to go to look at Mooncake's menu
before hitting up D'Ag for some pasta and sauce
for dinner,
but then we saw a nicely lit place
that we've never really ventured over to.

It was called Noodies.
It's Thai noodle soups and other things.
I got the beef noodles,
and Jon got a crab/oyster sauce flavored one
with a dipping sauce.

The wall of bowls and the decor
and lighting were all pretty cool.

Oddly, at both Bill's and Noodies there were mosquitos.
At Bill's, Jon was eaten a little.
At Noodies, Jon killed a mosquito and the lady tourists
sitting next to us cheered and offered to give him a wet nap or something.
He went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Noodies was pretty good.
We'll be back.
Plus they are on Seamless.
They could come to us too!
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