Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Time We Celebrated Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Prettily wrapped . . .


Jon appealed to my superthrifty side
by saying that he'd hope the other buds

Some really low alcohol (5%)
sparkling red wine
that opened up throughout the evening.

At first it tasted like medicine:
sweet then like medicine.
But then it tasted really good:
like raspberry jam plus sparkling water good.

Our vegetable for the evening.

My steak . . .
cooked in butter.
Jon cooked it to medium-rare perfection.
He cooked his pretty rare.

Our cheese from the cheese place in Paris
that nearly was thrown out by Paris TSA
because it looked like a bomb in Jon's bag.
It's just cheese! 

I kept this red balloon from my birthday party
to put it up for special occasions.

It was a pretty awesome anniversary.
And we're going to Eleven Madison Park on Saturday!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!

we had a pretty kickass day.

we also had a kickass day.

we also had a kickass day.

being at work,
at a meeting that lasted two hours,
instead of walking down the aisle
in a pretty white dress,
with all my beloved family and friends,
or at a historic b&b in Virginia,
or even at home, 
it just wasn't as kickass.

Hopefully, the last few hours of the day will be though!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Flowers

Backyard flowers

Popo's roses/Wee's bridesmaid's roses

Popo's roses are from vines that are over a hundred years old.
They are so fragrant 
that it's like having an air-freshener for our
whole apartment.

Yellow/pink/peach roses that I bought to kick off my birthday weekend

Monday, June 25, 2012

See You Later, KAB!

There are new adventures ahead
for one of my favorite people
I have ever had the good fortune to know
and, even better, work with.

you rock!

And now I have a really good excuse 
to visit a long skinny state
with tons of e's!!!
And eat lots of Two Boots.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Water Balloons Hung with Static from My Head for My Birthday Party Dinner

For my birthday party dinner last Saturday,
I bought a bunch of water balloons
and a hand pump.
(Have you ever blown up water balloons with your mouth?
It gets painful quickly.)
One of the balloons popped,
but I managed to get 49 of them tied up
and on the wall.

(I feel compelled to count that there are 49 of them
in the photo
because if this were a book that I was working on,
I'd have to count them.
But I'm going to just say that the package said 50,
and one popped, so there are 49.)

At first I wasn't sure how I'd use them to decorate.
And they got unwieldy pretty quickly,
so I started rubbing them on my head and sticking them to our

I asked Jon if he thought the balloons
would stay up on the wall
with static electricity alone.
I hadn't put up balloons with static in awhile,
and the Internet was no help at all
unless you want to make a science project out of it.

Jon had no idea
that balloons would even stick to the wall at all.
It's like he's never seen it.
So I grabbed a balloon,
rubbed it on his head,
and stuck it to the wall.
It was like magic.

I thought that even if they did fall,
the effort of putting them back up--
rubbing it on one's head--
wasn't that much of a big deal,
so I put them all up.

And they looked nice.
And they matched my invitation
that I made,
which had a lot of colorful polka dots.

I also broke out some glow-stick bracelets 
and napkins with colorful
circles on it to further match my invitation.
Tying it all into the theme.

Static electricity kept these water balloons up
the entire night.
The next day I found one balloon
on the floor that had
just totally deflated.

I recommend trying this
the next time you need some fast, easy, cheap decorations
and have some wall space to spare.

Though I don't think it would work as well with full-size balloons.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mitsuwa Gourmet Fair!

Tonight we went with Joy,
Wee, and Chris
to Mitsuwa to try the special ramen
from Hokkaido
and check out their gourmet fair.

It took about an hour and a half to get there
after work, leaving around 6 p.m.
Traffic getting out of the city from the north side
was a mess.
It took about an hour to move two blocks,
to then be sidetracked by a stupid cop car.
So we went down to get the tunnel from the south side.
That took only twenty minutes to get
to Mitsuwa.
My bad.

The above are little waffles with 
green tea and cream filling.
And a cream puff.

The ramen was pretty good.
Not as good as last year's gourmet fair, 
but still pretty awesome.

The above is a pastry filled with pumpkin.
Yum, pumpkin!

We're going back for the shoyu ramen on Saturday.
They only serve 150 per day.
It's what they're famous for though.

The above are fried tofu skins
filled with rice
and pieces of crab.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sparkling Thyme-Infused Lemonade Birthday Punch

For my birthday party
at the apartment,
Jon made some
sparkling thyme-infused lemonade.
It was delicious!

While putting it away though,
the bowl accidentally broke
and cut Jon's finger.

That wasn't fun
and it was a little sad
since it was a wedding present
and we had used it for our flower arrangements
for our wedding.

But at least we didn't have to go to the ER.
We're too old to end a birthday party
at the ER.

Jon made a simple syrup with thyme
and let it steep.
The he squeeze a bunch of lemons,
threw in the simple syrup,
and added some seltzer water and ice.

Refreshing and delicious!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Hello Kitty Tattoo

On my birthday,
I got a neck tattoo.

It's hardcore.
And glittery.
It's Hello Kitty.

I had to take it off before
work on Monday.
Good-bye, Kitty.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Chop! Chop!

I was having a good hair day.
But I felt like it was getting
a little too long to leave down
all the time 
a little too heavy to put up
all the time.

And I was running out of shampoo a lot faster.

So on Friday,
I got a haircut.
I'm donating the locks.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Times I Saw John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac

On my way home today,

Let me set the scene:
I bought myself two dozen peachy pink roses from
a bodega and was carrying the bunch home.

Today is the last day I'll have superlong hair.

It was either me or the woman in front of me
with the stretchy skirt and ass sweat,
but the guy sitting on the stoop said
within my hearing,
"Fine fucking ass."
I'd like to think he says that to all the 
women that walk by.

So anyway, today, I see the dude that has to
be Wyatt Cenac.
And the dude in the baseball cap and glasses
is definitely John Oliver.
So I boldly try to make eye contact
with either of them
and smile.
They are both handsome fellows.
Wyatt's busy talking,
but John smiles at me.

How cool is that?

I think it helps wearing a minidress
to not feel invisible.

I think I saw John Oliver and someone else
talking and walking once before
when I had been singing to myself.
It was dark and cold, 
and I sang-walked between
two tall men,
one that looked like John Oliver
and spoke British,
and the other was talking about soccer.
I realized too late
that maybe I shouldn't have been
singing in public
because I sound like a dying animal.

I'm pretty sure I saw Wyatt before
when I rushed home to
pick up Thai food
for dinner before the
Barry Manilow concert.
Wyatt was by himself then.

But the point of all this is that
I got a smile out of comedian/actor
on the street.
How cool is that?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That Time We Went to Governor's Island and Forgot Our Tutus and Hula-Hoops

Jon, Dani, Wee, and Chris 
have never been to Governor's Island before.
So Nat and I (Governor Island veterans)
showed them around.
What we didn't realize
was that this art event 
called Figment 
was happening at the same time.

While I remember seeing ads for it with 
the Statue of Liberty's face,
I didn't realize that one should also
dress appropriately for this by wearing
tutus, sequins, and/or flowers,
or just body paint. . . .

In any case, 
I think we all had a good time outdoors
doing something new.

Note that when I waiting to take a photo 
that was supposed to have been with
my head up by the Statue of Liberty's nose,
the guy right before me started humping it
for his Facebook profile. . . .
So I just took the photo above.

We took the 1 train down.
It is the slowest train ever.
It took us about half an hour to travel 
from 50th to South Ferry.

The terminal entrance and fro-yo!

Dani's camera
Lest we forget the microbacteria balls
that we wore rubber gloves
to throw the poop into the river.

If you see the poop man, though,
do NOT accept his hand-sanitizer.
It smells like poop.

On the island, taking a panorama
inside the castle.

Inside the walls of the castle,
spying on Wee and Dani.

Dani tries lifting the canon ball. 

Team Governor's Island!
And the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Jon is grimacing because he just finished
a whole box of nachos with the works
that I couldn't finish.
And the Statue of Liberty in the background!


Chris swung pretty high.
He touched the sky, sky, sky. . . .

He flew out of the swing and rolled over.
Wee's dusting him off.

Nat and Dani swung too,
but they finished their swinging before we did.
The statues in the background are from Storm King.


Nat's photo
We forgot our hula-hoops, too!

We saw some people riding around on bikes 
with similar nylon pieces.
We called them the dinosaurs.
This must be their mother.

There was a small parade
that we kept running into
that finally settle here
to do a dance in a circle.

The gold figure behind and to the right of the tree
is a naked woman
being painted.

Rafters of the chapel.

Nat's photo

Stained glass.

Nat's photo

Taking a break on a pew.

The Brooklyn ferry lets off nearby it.
I recall it saying that it was illegal or hazardous
or something that makes me not want to ever trespass.

I'm so happy that I finally was able to 
circumnavigate the island!
And hang out with some friends and family, of course!
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