Thursday, June 28, 2012

That Time We Celebrated Our Third Wedding Anniversary

Prettily wrapped . . .


Jon appealed to my superthrifty side
by saying that he'd hope the other buds

Some really low alcohol (5%)
sparkling red wine
that opened up throughout the evening.

At first it tasted like medicine:
sweet then like medicine.
But then it tasted really good:
like raspberry jam plus sparkling water good.

Our vegetable for the evening.

My steak . . .
cooked in butter.
Jon cooked it to medium-rare perfection.
He cooked his pretty rare.

Our cheese from the cheese place in Paris
that nearly was thrown out by Paris TSA
because it looked like a bomb in Jon's bag.
It's just cheese! 

I kept this red balloon from my birthday party
to put it up for special occasions.

It was a pretty awesome anniversary.
And we're going to Eleven Madison Park on Saturday!
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