Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Day the Enterprise Landed on the Intrepid (or When I Escaped the Sun-Shower)

The Enterprise is now on the Intrepid!

Posing as a West Side Highway jogger,
I set off to see one of my favorite aircrafts ever:
the Enterprise,
the Intrepid.

I didn't jog.
Me? Jogging.

I walked at a pace that felt fast to me,
while listening to some awesome tunes
on my Michael Jackson station
on Pandora.

There she is!
Quite a beauty.

Jon and I saw her upclose and personal
at the Udvar-Hazy Center in 2009.
It was two weekends before we moved from Virginia
back to New Jersey.
I remember that we went to the the UHC,
and the only thing we did to contribute to our move that Saturday
was buy packing tape from Home Depot.
It was the best way to procrastinate
because moving is a terrible chore.

Anyway, today
there were some guys beneath her,
welding her to the ship or something.

This looks like a space capsule thing,
wearing an inner tube.

Is it a space capsule thing,
wearing an inner tube?
(At this time, I can't really confirm.)

There are so many tires on this barge!
I think they're used tires from giant vehicles,
so it's nice that it was recycled 
as bumpers for the barge.

I believe this is how the Enterprise was hoisted onto the boat.
Fatty space ship.

My mom got some good pics of it
when it was brought in to the Intrepid
earlier this afternoon.

That's a pretty tall crane.

Kathleen the tugboat helped out.
I like her BBQ.
There was a tugboat named Shelby nearby.
She just, like, stood there.
Shelby. . . .

A helicopter kept circling around.
Maybe for the news?

The clouds started to roll in,
so I moseyed on home.

Good-bye, Enterprise!
Good-bye, Intrepid!

On Eleventh Avenue by The Daily Show,
there's a building called St. Mary's.
I wonder what that's about.
(Again, another fruitless Google search;
though it's in a slide show for potential
historic sites.)

across the street,
lilies grow.

Once I sat down to start writing up this blog,
it started to rain.
Giant clouds and pockets of sun.
I was lucky to have escaped being soaked.

It was a really nice way 
to spend a gorgeous June afternoon.
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