Wednesday, June 13, 2012

That Time We Went to Governor's Island and Forgot Our Tutus and Hula-Hoops

Jon, Dani, Wee, and Chris 
have never been to Governor's Island before.
So Nat and I (Governor Island veterans)
showed them around.
What we didn't realize
was that this art event 
called Figment 
was happening at the same time.

While I remember seeing ads for it with 
the Statue of Liberty's face,
I didn't realize that one should also
dress appropriately for this by wearing
tutus, sequins, and/or flowers,
or just body paint. . . .

In any case, 
I think we all had a good time outdoors
doing something new.

Note that when I waiting to take a photo 
that was supposed to have been with
my head up by the Statue of Liberty's nose,
the guy right before me started humping it
for his Facebook profile. . . .
So I just took the photo above.

We took the 1 train down.
It is the slowest train ever.
It took us about half an hour to travel 
from 50th to South Ferry.

The terminal entrance and fro-yo!

Dani's camera
Lest we forget the microbacteria balls
that we wore rubber gloves
to throw the poop into the river.

If you see the poop man, though,
do NOT accept his hand-sanitizer.
It smells like poop.

On the island, taking a panorama
inside the castle.

Inside the walls of the castle,
spying on Wee and Dani.

Dani tries lifting the canon ball. 

Team Governor's Island!
And the Statue of Liberty in the background.

Jon is grimacing because he just finished
a whole box of nachos with the works
that I couldn't finish.
And the Statue of Liberty in the background!


Chris swung pretty high.
He touched the sky, sky, sky. . . .

He flew out of the swing and rolled over.
Wee's dusting him off.

Nat and Dani swung too,
but they finished their swinging before we did.
The statues in the background are from Storm King.


Nat's photo
We forgot our hula-hoops, too!

We saw some people riding around on bikes 
with similar nylon pieces.
We called them the dinosaurs.
This must be their mother.

There was a small parade
that we kept running into
that finally settle here
to do a dance in a circle.

The gold figure behind and to the right of the tree
is a naked woman
being painted.

Rafters of the chapel.

Nat's photo

Stained glass.

Nat's photo

Taking a break on a pew.

The Brooklyn ferry lets off nearby it.
I recall it saying that it was illegal or hazardous
or something that makes me not want to ever trespass.

I'm so happy that I finally was able to 
circumnavigate the island!
And hang out with some friends and family, of course!
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