Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cherry blossums

So I've been trying with little effort to stop using AIM because I'm not sure I like it anymore.

Reasons why I don't like it: Time consuming; sticks one to the computer; waiting for the other person to type and wondering what they are really doing; mysterious emoticons.

So after playing some miserable, on my part, computer games against Frank on a dreary Thursday morning instead of working on my thesis or any homework, I decided to not log on anymore--or as often anyway. It became nice to not be forced to see who is out and about and who is also at their computer at the same time. It used to make me feel sad that the only people who were online were the people whose names I had forgotten. My away messages had also become ridiculous with silly messages asking me why I was on one's buddy list. (I think the best one had to be the aunt who thought she was talking to her niece prepping for her debutant ball.)

Okay in medias res.
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