Thursday, November 4, 2004

It's in the middle.

a butt crack, a crook in someone's nose, a cold sore, an ugly outie belly button, all genitals, and assholes, and Bush supporters.

Yes I am still bitter and upset. Aren't you? Rather, why aren't you?

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

I hate Bush and his supporters

My initial reaction: we are fuckin doomed. we are fucked. we WILL be attacked again. not the fuckin people in fuckin Bible fuckin belt fuckers. we who fuckin worked--i mean really worked--to get out of nj. to get a job in nyc. to be bombed fuckin again. i don't feel fuckin safe at all in this america. and all hope is fuckin gone. stupid fuckin country.

Omar makes a funny point on his away message. I'd laugh if I so upset.
sh0ut out to all the stupid ppl that made this possible..................hehe......................................... if ya'll ever used ya'll brains, i wouldn't be here....... hehe
from, Bush

(08:50:14) Pep: you cannever underestimate the stupidity of americans

It's a sad day. I wish I could skip classes and mourn.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oh shit...

the curse is done with? The Sox won? What is WRONG WITH THE WORLD? Kidding. It means only this much to me [THIS MUCH] on a scale of [A LOT].

This is just wrong and dirty, and I am a little sad and sick. Okay now seriously. What is wrong?

Does this mean that Bush will be reelected or not? I hope the curse of the Bush reign will be over, like they all ALL get sterilized after this election because they lost a bet.

Oh curses. I am not sure to see this as a sign of hope for the underdog and MA people or as a sign of bad things to come. Bad bad dirty dirty things.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Tom Ford and some guy on PBS (it was Charlie Rose) are talking about how film and fashion are similar. Tom Ford wants to make a movie, if he decides to get creative again. He says this because a dress appears and then it's over, but a movie lasts longer and can leave a long-standing impression. Oh Tom Ford.

Sometimes I think I should have went to FIT or something. My pen-bump tells me differently though. She says that she was formed to remind me that I need to do something literary. The combination of both would be a fashion editor at a bougie magazine I suppose, but I don't want to write. I don't want to compose my ideas. I don't think I know enough. I think that I can do, but I don't think I know enough what I am doing--if that makes sense. Woe me.


So I've noticed something funny happening with the palms of my hands. Stigmata? I am not sure. Water or dampness I suppose seems to make my palms inflamed. My palms seem dry when they are wet. They are white and the skin is raised a little. I'll take a picture sometime and post it.

Oh my. Tom Ford thinks J Lo is talented and is a good actress. He thinks Shall We Dance was great. Woe Tom Ford. I mean Whoa Tom Ford.

He's distracting.

My room's a mess. Most of the clothing I had on hangers are down. They seem so cheap and dead. They are not happily on hangers, but sad in a heap of fleece, sweaters, and panties. All clean, mind you, but a heap on my floor.

I've been so lazy lately. I think my room is warmer because of the heap.

I saw Tim today. It was nice seeing and talking to Tim. It was nice hearing of Mario and catching up some. Amanda is well too, and her movie-making is happily progressing.

It was Oktoberfest tonight. I think it was a success and Gina did a good job planning it all. I liked the skit because I didn't know why Oktoberfest existed. Gummy bears! I thought the past-lives psychic was a little strange and morbid. I do not think I would ever want to know who I was in my past life. I don't think I believe I had any.

I finished reading A Moveable Feast. I liked it all except for the end. The end seemed vague and uninviting and rushed.

I read a good thread on about the death of the book. It's in the bulletin boards area, the first section. I C/P and made an away message out of something I thought was right and important to think about: "If they're not reading, not only are you not hearing about great books (viral marketing) but you're also missing a great pleasure -- talking with someone else who cares and is knowledgable about what you've both read! How quaint is that? Our shared ''culture'' is which skinny blond got picked on ''The Bachelor'' this week -- not what we thought of the characters in a novel we've both read and enjoyed."

I've not worked on my thesis except for composing the prospectus. I've thought of an advisor and doing something about it almost at least once everyday. I don't know why this does not seem important or stressful to me. I think it's because I've learned that in a given amount of time things will get done eventually and then won't matter as much as it did at that moment before it was done EVER AGAIN.

This was long and drawn out and tedious. If you got this far down, please post. It'll be fun!

Clydz fun, a couple of weeks ago.



October rain is...

shitty. Yes, it is really cold and looks like it should be snowing, which would be preventing the busses from running and classes from being held tomorrow. Unfortunately, Rutgers hates my blog enough to just screw with my pictures, just the pictures. So this is why this blog looks boring. (Wait, Jon fixed the pictures...)

Anyway, since I left off--I got the Simon & Schuster internship in Paula Wiseman's Books for Young Readers. It's fun and the people are nice. I get to send mail to John Lithgow. I wrote a Guggenheim Fellowship recommendation. I got to put post its on 83 books for Marlo Thomas to sign with love. I'm one book short of being done though. Ted Turner doesn't have a book yet.

Today I read a Jimi Hendrix MS for a picture book biography, and though I liked the writing, I couldn't imagine an audience for this. At first the story is about Jimmy, a talented poor boy from Seattle. He pretended his broom was a guitar and brought it to school and everything. That part was really cute. But as far as Woodstock, what kids these days even know what Woodstock is. The first page mentions Muddy Waters records. Do kids know what records even are? I think some kids in my communication classes don't. I am not sure if I've ever heard a Muddy Waters song either. The bottom line for my rejection of this book was because despite its inspirational message, I don't think there's an audience. Am I wrong? There's an afterward that tells you that Jimi became an overnight legend when he lit his guitar and that he died when he was 27. I wouldn't want to be the parent explaining why he did these things to my four year old.

So today I went to work late. That sucked. Work was fun. (See above.) Had dinner with Nick. Saw last half hour of Gilmore Girls. Went to SCRU. Saw Scrubs (taped it). It's late, but I'm too bored to go to sleep. Does that make sense? I am hungry. I wish I had eaten more or that there was more food to be eaten. Where is the carrot cake? Where are my mashed potatoes?

Quote Scieszka's Little Red Hen: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah


Friday, September 17, 2004

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Itchy itchy itchy

Bugs love me. Despite being stung and swollen for a week during Red Shirt season, fleas or some little bugs attacked my feet in the shower (the middle toe on my right foot was bitten 4 times), and then last night little swollen itchy circles were on both of my calves, knees, and where the bee stung me. I thought I was either allergic to something, something was in my blood giving me these weird rashes, or something. Anyway, it subsided.

I've just completed my first of the last of my first weeks at school EVER (as far as I can tell). It was a little hectic because there just seems like a lot more stuff to do this year. I fell into my little hole of solitude today because I did more work than I really had to for a response paper about "The Waste Land." So now it'll be forever unread and unappreciated and will probably end up in the garbage in 5 years. So'kay. Right now I'm taking 7 courses, and I'm figuring things out with Simon & Schuster. However, I have a good feeling that S&S won't work out because I can't contact the woman who called me. It's okay though. I really should work on my thesis.

My thesis, I hope, will be Metafiction in Children's literature. But I don't really understand metafiction, and I don't read a lot of children's literature for fun. I'm a little bit in a bind I guess. Meanwhile, I feel like working on a chapter of Infinite Jest, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, and The Namesake among the other "fun reads" I brought with me. Perhaps I can connect them all, somehow.

This entry is a little boring. I'm going to include the story I wrote at last night's SCRU meeting:

At Alumni: Sept. 7, 2004, around 12:30 AM
The boy at the computer looking at his NYU schedule, probably figuring out where his classes are for today. He had shoulder length brown hair and very fair skin. Two computers sat on a table on either side of a printer with a pink printed sign that read, "This printer is out of order." As Jon and I got onto the elevator, the boy got up and said to the security guard, who had my Columbia ID--the only ID where my hair looks decent. The boy got up and said, "I like your tunes!" The security guard didn't see him so the boy tapped again and repeated. But the security guard couldn't hear him, so the security guard came around from the office--which reminded me a lot of a movie ticket booth I once saw but bigger. He said, "What?" The boy said, "I like your tunes." The guard said, "Yeah? It's Marvin Gaye." The elevator closed on a happy note.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Lisa on Steve for the sake of Mattia 4. Nice and clean banner, but too simple. NICE green though!!

Winner: SUITES! (the ice cream truck with the flavors was my idea). The kids did a great job though.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Moved in

Today I moved into 535. It's a bit smaller than what I remember 511 was, but that's okay. I like the set up of this room a lot more because I can finally have my desk by the window. I think last year I was paranoid about all the space, but this year I ironically underpacked. No mounting tape, no extra cables...and of course, I need both. Oh, and glue. Didn't bring glue to repair a picto-cube I got for my 20th birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, Dani's b-day is coming up. I wonder what she would like as a gift...ah, a copy of Good Grief of course, but what else?

And I also wonder how Lisa and her baby are doing. I'm so out of the loop. I got her a card, and I have really good intentions of sending them some mags I got from work about babies and parenting.

Ah, her sister-in-law will be at the RS orientation thing tomorrow. Maybe I'll suck up my shyness/laziness and speak with her about being a new auntie.

Feelin' hot hot hot.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Future Dreamhouse Backyard Sitting Area.

TWBGees @ Applebee's Fine Dining Establishment

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Good times.

Some oldish pictures can be found here. Here's a choice example of one of these pictures.

I am watching you sleep.

I'm deleting the older junk entries. Rest well.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Welcome and Hello.

I hope you like this new web page. I think it looks pleasant.
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