Friday, March 22, 2013

Cinderella on Broadway Was So Awesome!

Tonight we saw Cinderella on Broadway,
and I thought it was so awesome,
I think I want to see it again!

I went with my aunt, mom, PoPo, and cousin Sam
for Aunt Isabel's birthday.

The other day I had been walking past the theater to get home,
and I saw a woman in full Disney Cinderella regalia.
It was odd because the woman was like in her late forties,
and it was FREEZING out.

Jon said that if he were going,
he'd dress up like GusGus.

I'm kinda of sure that there are at least five people
who think they're going to see the Disney version of Cinderella
instead of the Roger and Hammerstein version for every showing.

Not sure what the difference is?
(Not that one is better than the other
because both are excellent.)

This is the Disney Cinderella:

This is the Roger and Hammerstein version:

I think Disney distributed it
--at least the TV version with Brandy in it--
but I love the Cinderella that Leslie Ann Warren plays.

Slippers are so back.
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