Monday, November 30, 2009

One of Each



Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Main Entry:run£ner*up
Pronunciation:*r*-n*-*r*p, *r*-n*-*
Inflected Form:plural run£ners*up \-n*r-*z*p, -*z*p \ ; also runner*ups

: the competitor that does not win first place in a contest; especially : one that finishes in second place

So today I heard that I wasn't their first choice; however, when they offered the position to the "other girl," she wanted to work on other types of books. Well, why the hell would you apply and go through the interview for all of that?

I felt like crap that I heard, but still very grateful to be the runner-up. I'm really happy doing this work and working on the books I do.

Just another data point on how to live and deal, as Jon pointed out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Mad Men!

So nice! This was our band for our wedding--we hired the 9-piece little big band. They were truly excellent!

For Mad Men Fans:

Lapis Luna performed at the wedding celebration of Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) and Geoffrey Arend (Super Troopers, 500 Days of Summer) on Sunday October 11, 2009. The intimate gathering took place at Il Buco Restaurant in Manhattan, with 70 family members and close friends in attendance, including the Mad Men cast and many other celebrities.

Lapis Luna's 5 piece band (Shawn Clark, John Merrill, Tom Abbott, Chris Pistorino, and Brian Floody) played Christina and Geoff's favorites while the newlyweds danced with their guests all night long! The happy couple planned their own vintage style wedding, and handpicked all the music from Lapis Luna's songlist. Some of the songs the band played were Cheek to Cheek, Manhattan, Our Love Is Here to Stay, Embraceable You, S'wonderful, You Make Me Feel So Young, They Can't Take That Away from Me, Dream a Little Dream, and Blue Moon.

Events & Wedding Info:
Elan Artists at 888 800 3526

My only concern about my wedding was that I wish more people danced--it definitely wasn't the fault of the band. To be polite, I guess our crowd of 250 just didn't have their dancing shoes on or "knew how to dance to that kind of music" as my mom would point out. I love those who did dance though.

I remember that for Lisa's engagement party and wedding--my first wedding of a friend's, Tina encouraged us to dance...if not because dancing is fun then because Lisa's family paid for that DJ and wants us to have a good time. Up until then, I never danced at a wedding because I was too self-conscious. Now that I especially know how much DJs and bands cost and the effort it takes to find them, I make sure that I'm on the dance floor--not because I want to dance but because I know it would make the bride and groom feel good about not wasting their money on a) finding a venue with a dance floor b) providing that entertainment.

So now what? We know who danced and who didn't--and so do we dance or not dance at their events on principle that they didn't dance at ours? In any case, dancing is a good way to avoid people you don't want to socialize with if you're stuck at a shitty table. Maybe we did our table arrangements too well.
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