Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Main Entry:run£ner*up
Pronunciation:*r*-n*-*r*p, *r*-n*-*
Inflected Form:plural run£ners*up \-n*r-*z*p, -*z*p \ ; also runner*ups

: the competitor that does not win first place in a contest; especially : one that finishes in second place

So today I heard that I wasn't their first choice; however, when they offered the position to the "other girl," she wanted to work on other types of books. Well, why the hell would you apply and go through the interview for all of that?

I felt like crap that I heard, but still very grateful to be the runner-up. I'm really happy doing this work and working on the books I do.

Just another data point on how to live and deal, as Jon pointed out.
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