Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Plan B: The Easy Money Wedding

You know Easy Money. It's the Rodney Dangerfield movie that begins with his daughter's wedding in his backyard. That's plan B or maybe C for my wedding.

So yesterday, I called the place where we booked our reception back in May. I was told that the guy we signed up with no longer works there. Holy shit! So after talking to a couple of people that barely understood me, we established that they still have the deposit and not much has changed except now they have "better" packages. Turns out their package includes a cake, ice sculpture, DJ/MC, and tax and tip, which is great except that we don't want DJ/MC--and as I could imagine their DJ/MC would be a scary screaming Chinese man and woman that did magic tricks and performed Karaoke. I tried confirming that the band we were hiring was OK to play there, and I think I got an OK. It was pretty confusing.

Regardless, we'll have to work on the details in person. The woman I spoke with, Sunny Kim, seemed reasonable and willing to help. She sent menus (in Chinese only), listed what was included in the packages and prices, and pictures of two schemes: white and red. We shall see.

When I talked to my dad about it, he said that if all else fails we'll have a wedding reception in our backyard and made references to Easy Money.

Today I got an email from him saying, "Grandma said she'll cook!" and these photos posted here. Oh my goodness! At least the commute from the church (consisting of crossing the street) won't be too bad.

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