Friday, December 12, 2008

Invitations & Christmas Parties

Yesterday, I started designing our invitations again. I was thinking so much about what color or elements we wanted, but with the dress in place, it just seems that something classic and plain seems best. (Something we won't regret in 20 years--those colors! that font! so early oughts! Might well as be lamb-leg sleeves on dresses, etc.) So we decided to go for a luxe white or cream (I forget which--it's at the store down the block) and heat emboss some gorgeous calligraphy font in black (like thermography, but DIY kind of thermography). I made two mock-ups--one with a kind of legible calligraphy and one with really pretty kind-of-hard-to-read calligraphy, and Jon and I both agreed that the latter is gorgeous. The easy one to read is kind of boring. Man, are we going to get crap about it from our parents...I'm a bit fed up with compromising with them and Jon and myself though, so fancy calligraphy and crap it is!

Speaking of invitations--just a quick update about the guest list count. With just family (that is all the family at the engagement party) and then half of my mom's all-inclusive list, we have 160. I think Jon's parents' are a bit confused about the process--where my directions were to invite whomever they want but make suggestions about the rehearsal dinner invitees. I think we totally confused them on that subject because that was our original ceremony/reception, and now they're still telling themselves that we're having two weddings. In any case, they're nervous about having too many people for the rehearsal dinner, which albeit a much nicer space than our actual reception place, is very very limited as far as seating. It's a bit grating because Jon hates a lot of the people that they want to invite to the rehearsal dinner.

Anyway, tonight is Jon's Christmas party. It's in the building between our apartment and his office. Here's what we're looking forward to:

Passed hors d'oeurves: Shrimp Bienville and mini beef and andouille sausage brochettes
Mesquite tenderloin, grilled, sliced and served with rolls and assorted sauces
A pasta station with two offerings: tortellini alla procini and lombard seafood tortellini with andouille pomodoro sauce and no pasta is complete without its Caesar salad!
An Italian "torte" of cheese, pesto, herbs, pinenuts with crackers and baguettes
A wild mushroom and pinenut "pate"
Brownie lollipops dipped in chocolate
Rice Krispy Treat lollipops
Double chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting
Plenty of beverages soft and not-so to include wine, beer, Cosmos and Love Martinis!

What are Love Martinis? If they're any good, I'll pass along the recipe.
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