Monday, December 15, 2008

Goals: Week 2

This is a new week! I hope to accomplish or start working on the following:

1) Put away all the laundry. So it's still on the list. I folded all the clothes last week. I just have to put it away. I started sifting out the stuff I don't think I'd wear ever again to make room. Out of a huge pile--three shirts. 1 clothes: 0 me.
2) Mail shoes. Return the extra shoes I got for the Japan trip to Zappos. I bought my Christmas present from Jon from Zappos, and I wanted to make sure it fit before having to make two trips to UPS. And I set up the printer on the Mac and printed up the UPS and return form. Just have to leave the apartment and return it.
3) Find new recipes to make. Make 1 of them. Okay now baby steps. New ones Christina. Focus.
4) Get a library card and pick up contacts. They're in the same mall area. Do it!
5) Get holiday stuff done.
Finish work on designing invitations/overall stationery.
7) Read twenty pages of Infinite Jest. Yup, still reading it.
8) Edit 50 pages of Grandpa's book.
9) Figure out how to get dishes cleaner in dishwasher.
It just won't look clean!
10) Finish two things on this list.
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