Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gettin Stuff Done

So I'm getting through my Monday list and adding some extra flourishes like having lunch with Stefanie at Moe's and getting the Mr. Moo Moo (best deal ever: kid sized burrito--cause seriously the adult-sized one is ridiculous--soda, chips, and a cookie!).

I finished reading In Her Shoes yesterday. It was freezing in the apartment, so I thought it might be fun to turn on the "fireplace"--it was still freezing though. The book was good. I'm happy I finished it. It was a lot better than the movie anyway. I talked to Ellie about Jennifer Wiener's other titles, and I think I'll try to get Good in Bed from the library if I ever get there or borrow Lisa's copy.

Tonight I'll be brining chicken for a yogurt chicken dish with peppers for tomorrow night that Jon and I dreamed up at HTitty yesterday, while making tomato beef with black bean sauce for dinner tonight. Why does black bean sauce taste so freakin good? What kind of beans are they anyway? So while I won't technically be using recipes from cookbooks--cooking is cooking right?

Mail is out, but I need to return my Zappos shoes. I did set up the new printer on the Mac yesterday without much help from Jon to print the shipping label and return form. Go me!

Today I worked on the guest list/time line/invitation wording. I basically took all the addresses used for the engagement party and stuck them in a Google Excel sheet with columns to indicate how they're related exactly; their full names; outstanding questions, etc. Then I drafted an email to my parents and Jon's parents about how they should fill it in/answer questions; guidelines for invitations; the invitation wording; and the time line for the invitations and the day. I also organized all my vendors and their emails in my gmail and on the spreadsheet (with their payment schedules). I think the spreadsheet I created for myself is pretty neat--better than the template Google came up with anyway. There are way too many tabs for the Google template.

Anyway, here's my wedding vent for today: my mom called today and made me a little crazy because she's including her own Save the Dates in her Christmas cards, which is a good idea and all, but I could have totally put together my own Save the Dates for everyone. I feel that now it's just my family and my family's friends who are getting the date and now Jon's parents have to tell their folks to save dates and what not. I really wanted to avoid all the extra reminding and such by mailing my invitations out really early, but my mom said that was dumb. So we'll be mailing it out in late March/early April I guess. I guess our friends will be getting a reminder in an email early next year or so. I mean if people are going to lose our invitations if we sent them out early--they're also going to lose their Save the Dates right? The perpetual cycle of not giving anyone the benefit of the doubt for being responsible kills me. What also kills me is that on the one hand I have my mom who is all about accomodating everyone--and I get it. So we have the huge wedding that won't leave out a soul. On the other I have Jon who reminds me that we need to retain some sort of sanity and happiness. So we hire the band we want though my mom says that no one will dance to them and leave early (nice right?).

The final straw of talking to my mom today was when she was talking about flowergirl dresses. Frankly, I don't give a damn. If the flower girl already has one (which I heard she did), great. If not, we have about 6 months to figure that shizz out. For real. I mean, it's the holiday season right? People are busy with their small children, why would I want to bother her mom about flowergirl dresses now? I'm not nutters. Lisa and Sam have to figure out their dresses too--and that might be even more complicated than a flowergirl dress.

My head spins. I should start brining or at least stop staring at this computer.

Hopefully, I'll get my library card tomorrow, and it will be awesome times.
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