Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday...a Few Weeks Later

Again, it's Friday night. We've not been back to Kendo since the weekend of the 2- of July. We're moving some things around, then driving up tonight. It's 8:30 now, and by the time we get out and up it will probably be 1. I hate these drives so much.

It's been on and off stormy today--not like, cloudy, drizzle, drizzle, downpour, drizzle, drizzle, cloudy--rinse and repeat. More like crazy kind of stormy--dark clouds out of nowhere, then downpour, then lightning and thunder, and then those dark clouds all pass, and there's light and blue skies again.

Summer storms are awesome!

Friday, August 7, 2009


It's Friday night. I'm married. Typically, Jon and I would be at Kendo, but tonight we're working on our thank you cards. Yes, we sort of let our feet drag on this task, but life has been busy.

Like life-changing (no, not baby-life-changing crazy, but close) crazy.

Like in a few months, life will be back on track.

And that is a good thing!

And thank-you cards will be mailed out!! Woo!

Sliding Doors

*Sometimes I write comments in forums that end up making no sense. Instead of looking like an ass in the forum and wasting 15 minutes of writing up something that is atypically long for an Internet forum anyway, I will occasionally post those that did not make it elsewhere on the Internet.

The company I work for got sliding doors for a few of their offices. The CEO for the last two months that we've been in the building has been gloating about them to anyone who would listen. Since I was in one of those offices, I heard this same spiel everyday for about the last three months: 1) for sliding doors, he was quoted $15,000 2) he decided to do this himself 3) he spent 2 months calling companies for hardware 4) a company in Germany had the hardware 5) they cut down pieces of wood to door size 6) it cost $50 more than a regular door.
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