Monday, April 23, 2012

Chilly Gonzales at Le Poisson Rogue

This concert was one of the best ones I've been to. Phenomenal music, seats up front, and food and drinks. Why can't all concerts be as civilized and casual?

I was a bit concerned, having never been to Le Poisson Rogue before and the Yelp reviews had scared me. But there wasn't anything to really worry about. The food, service, and all of the event space was nice. What's more is that the acoustics of the room were really great compared to some other venues we've been to (looking at you, Radio City).

The most terrifying part of the whole event was hoping that Chilly Gonzales didn't toss his head so that his hair sweat would fall into my food. Luckily we were close enough to see his sweat drip and spray, but we weren't in the splash zone. Not that I blame him for sweating. Being on a stage and performing with that much energy--even if you're not wearing an American Apparel leotard and bouncing up and down (ahem, CSS) can be arduous.

Overall CG's set was everything and more than I thought it'd be. (I had read an article about his show in San Francisco, which sort of spoiled a bit of his act.) This show was slightly different though, CG performed with a string quartet called the Fuck Luck Orchestra. They were wonderful--if I ever need to hire string musicians, they'd be my go-to group.

And though I also read about how he uses audience participation for his shows, one of the most surprising things happened when the guy who recorded the video above had volunteered when CG wanted someone onstage for a little piano demonstration. This guy played one of CG's songs--and CG improvised on top of that. It was really cool because this Tommy kid didn't suck or mess up the song, and CG acted like a really nice guy about it.

I'd definitely go to another CG concert if given the opportunity.

For an idea of what my view looked like and some more details on the concert, check out TheMusic.FM's article on this concert. (The photographer crouched right in front of me, so I know this was the exact view I had.)

We're headed back to Le Poisson Rogue in a few weeks to for the 2012 Undead Music Festival Marathon and Tonic Reunion Show: Sex Mob, Vinicius Cantuaria, Yuka C. Honda, Elysian Fields, White Out, Stabbing Eastward with Ryan Sawyer and Tunde Adebimpe, Chicago Underground Duo, Tony Malaby, Gerald Cleaver, Jamie Saft's New Zion Trio, Joe Sander, and more. I've heard of some of these bands, seen maybe one and a half of them, but it should be interesting.
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