Thursday, April 19, 2012


There was a man on the subway who had on 
one dress shoe and one flip-flop with a black sock.

This reminded me of when our friend came over for dinner 
after working a thirty-hour shift in the NICU or PICU 
or ER or maternity ward or something crazy,
and she wore a different style black flat on each foot.
She didn't realize it until she was on the subway.

And when Jon went to work with sneakers
instead of his dress shoes
when he worked at an i-bank,
where people dress up for work.


11:41 AM Jonathan: I know
  I was so out of it
  I walked out of the apartment
  and like
  I was getting down the street
  like by starwich
  and it was like
  I was thinking about
  how maybe I should buy another pair of sneakers
  because I really like my sneakers
  and they might become extinct
11:42 AM and then I was like
  why am I thinking about this
  it was because I was wearing sneakers
  so I went back home
  to put on my other shoes

And also at my pre-college psych course
at St. Peter's College
where the hippie teacher wore two different Birkenstocks.
That might've been intentional though.

I've yet to accidentally wear the wrong shoes
due to sleep deprivation.
Have you accidentally stepped out wearing the wrong shoes?
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