Friday, April 27, 2012

Scarlet Ibis, Renoir, Family Love, TGIF!

Bronx Zoo Scarlet Ibis
Hammy Couple
(I told them not to pose, but they did.)
I'm thinking about heading to the Frick for Renoir Night. Don't you love when museums are free?!

I'm also getting a facial.

And we're going to celebrate Jon's brother's birthday.

Speaking of brothers, my brother got the notice that he's been accepted to run in this year's NYC Marathon! Yay, Dom! (Though that there's a whole application process for this is beyond me.)

"I can't smile without you. . . ." My mom and dad are taking me to see Barry Manilow on Wednesday!

Fun fact: Barry and I share a birthday and my mom, who loves both of us.

Since I mentioned everyone but my sister, I think I should. The wonderful book that she's in is being published in a couple of weeks: My First Gymnastics Class! Go buy a copy now!

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