Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Was Egg-cellent!

My cousin Samantha
made these cute little deviled eggs
at her mom and dad's house on Long Island. 

They're like in a jacuzzi,
being eggs.

She found the recipe on Pinterest
and was resolved to make it.

Olive eyes, carrot beaks and feet.
Egg heads and bodies and innards.
Mmm . . . tasty innards!

It's the best kind of deviled egg too
because it's two servings in one!

My PoPo said she got full 
from eating two of the eggs herself.

I imagine this is what it looks like 
when a bunch of eggs
watch another egg
break dance.

Or going back to the jacuzzi scene,
when it floats in the middle of them all.
A kind of egg synchronized-swimming scene.

Speaking of eggs,
"Eggs, I really love you like the sky above!"

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