Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Saturday 2010

After the best Good Friday dinner that I could recall, I set off to make rainbow cookies. Not that I had any desire to, but my mom suggested that I make them for when we celebrated Easter on Saturday. So around 9pm I went to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and got some groceries.

Whole Foods sells canned almond paste for about $9. I think I could've gotten two nice-size boxes of rainbow cookies from Wegman's (if I knew where there was one in the area besides in Virginia) instead:

Other ingredients:

All mixed together:

I was too lazy to move the batter into a different bowl and clean the mixer's bowl to then use to beat the egg whites, so I carefully held up a metal mixing bowl to the whisk while the mixer worked its magic. Probably dangerous, but it was nearly midnight at this point.

White layer:

Pink and green layers:

Ultimate product: (I guess I could've made an effort to take a nicer photo, but look it's rainbow-y.)

I don't think I'll be making these again or using this recipe. I'd rather make pignoli nut cookies, and I know my family enjoys those even more...pignoli nut cookies or brownies for next year!

My aunt's Jell-O layers were a bigger hit--and much easier to make:

I egged and cornstarched these guys:

I didn't have a chance to eat them that night though, but I brought some home to eat tonight along with some homemade cream corn. The mayo sauce was served on the side (for mayo shrimp).

What I ate instead on Saturday Easter dinner was: lamb, roast beef, ham, baby bok choy, and garlic mashed potatoes...not to mention the appetizers: stuffed mushrooms, hard salami slices, carrots/celery and dip, and cheese/bacon bites.

Easter Sunday was another day of eating, but of a different nature.
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