Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday. Coffee burn.

So it's 8:48 a.m. and I know I'm going to miss the 8:50 a.m. bus, and the next one I'll get is the 8:55 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. bus instead. I'm a little sad that I'll be late to work, but then I remember that my inbox is empty, so there's really no reason for me to be sad about waiting for something to show up in it.

I wait for the elevator, and the neighbors, who moved in a day before us (basically why we had to move in on a Tuesday instead of a Monday because only one apartment can move a day, and it couldn't be on a weekend) and who have a really fluffy cat that you think of when you see Fancy Feast commercials, come out and wait with me. I try organizing myself to run for the bus, and then the elevator comes. On the elevator is a man with a coffee.

We load ourselves into the elevator, and the man in the elevator says "Good morning" and I'd say is in a good mood, which I do not feel myself. So the man in elevator goes to press the button to close the doors (though whether it closes the doors faster at all is hard to say), and then his coffee slips out of his hand.

It splashes me: my feet, legs, and ballet flats. I see the doors closing on my floor and wonder if it's worth it to dry off and change shoes. I say "Ow" because, well, the coffee was pretty damn hot.

The man reacts quickly--asking if I'm okay. He whips out a navy-ish handkerchief (who carries that nowadays?) and pats my feet and legs dry as best as he can.

It's a little odd, but he doesn't linger so it's fine with me since the handkerchief and his patting was getting me dry. He asks if I'm okay again.

The neighbors say something stupid like "Happy Monday" or "What a way to start a Monday"--really? Well, I never liked them much anyway--just their cat. Meow.

The tops of my feet still feel a little burned (like a sun burn), but I'll survive. At least it was coffee and not something like orange juice. And unlike the illustration (creative license), the flats I'm wearing are the suede black flats, which look fine. I don't think I smell like coffee either.
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