Friday, April 16, 2010

Sesame Street

Anyone know how they got the name Sesame Street? Sounds pretty delicious.

At 1:30, there was supposedly an e-book meeting. We all showed up with notepads in hand, but then the department's assistant shows up with champagne.

Everyone likes those kinds of meetings! *I'm a little buzzed myself...and it's about an hour later...Oh, Asian flush*

It was to celebrate one of our head production manager's ten-year anniversary. TEN! I want to be here for ten years and have to debate whether to get a slow cooker or a binocular with a camera in it. (Apparently for your five-year anniversary, you get to choose a CD-walkman. Nice!)

(Sidenote: Coconut has been here for eighteen years--since she's graduated college! She's been in my department since 2000 though.)

Anyway, one of the topics of conversation was Sesame Street. I've not watched the show in awhile, but apparently it's still as hip as ever.

Jason Mraz's I'm Yours is covered as Outdoors:

Norah Jones's Don't Know Why is Don't Know Y:

And OMG, Feist!

My favorite of all time though is:

Those pigs are crazy. I remember watching it when I was three and being so transfixed on these pigs. How cool are they?

and, though they're not Sesame Street, the Muppet's version of Kokomo:

and, She Drives Me Crazy:

What are your favorite Sesame Street/Muppets music numbers?
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