Friday, April 6, 2012


Searching for the MoMA app on my phone, I found Yo Moma jokes instead. (I thought they'd be like: Your MoMA's so dumb, she thought a Warhol was a Duchamp! Your MoMA's such a slut, she's doesn't charge on Friday nights. Your MoMA's so fat she has a, like, three restaurants in her. But they weren't. They're just so dumb they don't know how to spell "momma.")

40 ways to tie a scarf! Considering fashion that kills, it might be a good idea to learn some of these.

Some new words to use in everyday rotation: Glitterbanged. Stickyfingers. Masticate.

Speaking of food, Monday we're planning to eat fried chicken and waffles; Tuesday, it's Taka Taka; and Thursday is Jewel Bako with a sushi concierge

Ooh! Maybe we'll try these for our next soiree.

I really like thinking about this story.

This makes me want to learn the woman's steps to the tango--'cause I only kinda know the man's:

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