Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Macaron Favorites

Let's talk about the ideal macaron.

For me a perfect macaron is one that is 
not too chewy/wet or chalky/stale, but just right.
And it just dissolves in your mouth.
With a lovely intense overall flavor,
the filling complementing the shell.

I do love Pierre Herme's macarons the best
for the flavor combinations and intensity.
(The ones we got from Pierre Herme in Paris 
this past February were magnifique!
We've only been to his shops in Paris and Tokyo.
He's not opening one in NYC anytime soon.)

Laduree next.
(They're a bit firmer than Pierre Herme--just not as magical.
They also have very basic flavors usually.
There's one shop in NYC, and it takes an hour to get a macaron

And for a local/won't have to wait for an hour favorite:
(They have a huge selection of flavors and 
I think are similar quality to Laduree,
but I'd need to taste them side by side.)

What are your favorite macaron shops?
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