Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don Antonio by Starita

Think of the most perfect savory pillowy fried dough.
With the crunch of a fried crust on the outside,
and the beautiful chew of the warm, soft inside.
Now imagine that laced with a delicious red sauce
and topped with smoked buffalo mozzarella.
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
That's the Starita.

It's the image on the Don Antonio's website that made us want 
to eat what's in that guy's hands in the first place.
It's what we're going back to eat someday 
because it was just so freaking good.

The Girella pizza was very tasty too,
but there are a million other pizzas on the menu to try:
with white pizza 
and gluten-free pizza 
and vegetarian pizza options galore,
in addition to their huge lists of specialty pizzas and red pizzas.

The two pizzas were more than enough for me and Jon,
but we still got dessert.
We opted for the the homemade panna cotta, 
which oddly enough came with chocolate syrup.
Have you ever had chocolate covered panna cotta?
Next time I want to try the tiramisu.
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