Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Best Prize in a Plastic Easter Egg

On Easter Sunday, 
we headed to my other aunt and uncle's country club
in New Jersey for an Easter lunch.
We all incidentally wore black and white (women)
and blue shirts (men).
We also, oddly enough, got there early.

My aunt Isabella came up with the best Easter egg surprise.
Each plastic egg had different amounts of money
from $10 to $50 dollars
or NOTHING but a Peep.
She had us pick one each.
It was a lot of fun. 
Jon got the grand prize of $50
and a lot of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on work,
but someone in the Helena up the block
was playing with his or her window.
He or she kept moving his or her window 
so a bright flashing cross kept blinding us 
for about fifteen minutes.
We eventually closed the shade.
Hopefully it wasn't someone trapped 
and trying to get help/attention.
But that constantly blinding, flashing cross on Easter Sunday
reminded me of how terrible I am at my religion 
all over again.
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