Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Sometimes the more the ash on my forehead, the more I feel that I've been a terrible Catholic in the past year. Like it's a kind of measure. While that's not true at all, it's something to consider. I've only been to one legit mass in a year. The only other one was for a funeral.

I kind of dislike the social aspects of church. Shaking hands with strangers and interacting with a priest and all. I guess I also dislike how much I suck at my religion. (I like things I'm good at.) I barely know the responses, and I don't go to confession, and therefore no communion. The only two times I was required to go to confession, I did, and they were terrible experiences. I'm not even sure when I should go to confession. How many people my age go to confession anyway? What do they confess? I wish my family were a bit more religious so I don't have to figure this out on my own. Like a tourist with a private guide, I never really paid attention to the details in case I got lost. I used to just follow my grandma's lead. But I guess I will figure it out. Someone's gotta pray for her in the religion she believed in, right?

Things I'm doing for Lent:

1. Try to go to mass
2. Try to exercise
3. Avoid ice cream
4. Be more patient

Hopefully it'll make me a better person and better at my religion. Here goes!

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