Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kajitsu February Dinner

Our first real meal as a wedded couple was at Kajitsu on June 28, 2009. And since we've moved back from Virginia, we've tried to make Kajitsu our regular monthly restaurant. (The entire menu changes each month, so it's an entirely worth-it endeavor.) Last year, we missed eating there the month of February. This year, because they were closed for a few weeks for vacation, we missed January. Hopefully, that'll be the only month we miss for the rest of this year.

Last night we ate at Kajitsu to kick off the year of eating there, Valentine's Day, and our 11th anniversary of being together and our 3rd anniversary of being lawfully married. Our trip to Copenhagen and Paris was like a prelude to all that stuff.

The meal was bittersweet because next month is the last month that their amazing chef will be there! Luckily, we made a reservation for March 16th right before we left. We're hoping that it moving to midtown means that it'll be much closer to us, and hopefully, the next chef will be equally if not more amazing.
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