Thursday, April 5, 2012

PAL Fit! (or: Mural Painting on a Rainy Saturday)

This past Saturday
I went with Lux
to help paint a mural
to decorate their recreation center.
Our theme was PAL Fit.

I met some PAL kids that live in my neighborhood: 
Charlie, Michaela, and Isis.
Charlie and Michaela helped us paint.
Isis was kind of an enigma.

We almost had a food pyramid and a food plate,
but some of the girls on our team messed it up.
Another messed up thing was 
the girl climbing up the side of the pyramid.
Lux and I called her Smeagol.

I helped paint in a good amount of stuff, 
but that soccer ball is my masterpiece. . . .
Hang that soccer ball up in the Louvre 
and call that collection complete!

Since it's part of my day job
I queried the group about the floating basketball girl.
We decided she was fine as is.
(It's the magic of the soccer ball that keeps her afloat
because the soccer ball is that awesome!
That's my theory anyway,
since I think everyone else was too cranky 
to care once we filled it all in.)

Here's me and Lux and some girls' butts and our mural.
Lux painted the heart sun and led our mural team.
She was awesome!
And I got a free T-shirt out of the experience.
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