Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Super Special Shapes Party

It's kind of late in the day and it's right after a pretty horrible meeting that no one enjoys and I get a cover for a book. The book is for everyone's favorite little Mandarin-speaking cartoon and is about shapes.

I check it and all the text is fine, but this is the first time we're seeing art. The art of the main characters and details in the center of the book look fine too.

But then I look down on the right corner and see a parachuting bug. And I'm thinking maybe my eyes are tired. (An editor at the horrible meeting nearly ripped me a new orifice because I misread my 4 as a 1.)

But no, there's a parachuting bug and then I see her bug friend cheering her on from a leaf below. And I'm like, well, what else is on this cover that might seem odd?

And then I see mushrooms growing by the bamboo stalks.

And then it's so clear why there are parachuting bugs.

And then I had to route that and other work and draw these sketches for you to see because I could hardly believe it myself and wanted to record how strange (but awesome) my job can be sometimes.
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