Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 47

Chrysanthemum (Lorem Gult Centar)

On Saturday we went to the dentist, ate at Mitsuwa, ate Blizzards at DQ, and then saw Mr. Popper's Penguins (not terrible, and Jim Carey is surprisingly funny) and part of Dune (Kyle MacLachlan! Sting!). I totally forgot to sing the "DairyQueen in My Dreams" (c) 2008 Christina Solazzo song! Next time.

On Sunday we went to the New York Botanical Garden. (It's the one in the Bronx.) It was awesome. 

Chrysanthemum (Superflufficus Blanc)

The weather was gorgeous; we got to see Lakshmi and Bryan; and Lakshmi got us in for free!

Chrysanthemum (Strictusendens)

The NYBG had a Japanese chrysanthemum exhibit (Fall Flowers of Japan) and Halloween exhibit (The Haunted Pumpkin Garden). The chrysanthemums were beautiful. If I had a fall fete, I'd definitely try to use chrysanthemums.

The above picture is made up of tons of the below picture, but it's all cultivated from the same plant.

The NYBG does a better job of explaining how it's done.

The really fluffy chrysanthemums start as a tangled flower in the picture below.

They are shaken (not stirred) and are fluffed into shape. They come in three different flavors as far as I can tell: marshmallow, superfluffy scrambled eggs, and berry.

In the pavilion there was a gardenia tree that smelled like a hotel room. Jon really liked that tree. He stood underneath it twice.

We saw Monarch butterflies hanging out too. The phone camera was still set on macro, so you'll just have to trust me that a butterfly is there. There were maybe two other ones elsewhere, unless it was just the same one that stalked us.

Again, the photo above was taken set on macro, but in any case the pumpkin patch was basically jack-'o-lanterns displayed in interesting ways. We're not really sure if they're real or plastic.

We ate at the garden cafe with the hot food: chili with the works, hamburger, apple crumble. We visited the rock garden (not a garden of rocks, but plants that can grow on rocks and stuff) and took a ride on the tram before we headed home.

We went to Yakitori Totto for dinner. It was a good weekend.

Today nothing has happened yet, and it's 5:30. Absolutely nothing.

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