Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 43

So I went to Zara by 54th and Fifth Ave. to ponder those shoes again. But they weren't on sale. Lisa said they're like a mullet. I don't think a mullet shoe design is a bad one.

What is up with this Castle episode? It's oddly artsy. Fartsy. Buht.

Saw Hawaii 5-0 too. Ate a Caramac. Mmm . . . the perfect way to enjoy an episode of Keanu, NJ guy, Jin, Locke, the cylon, and the blonde. I can't believe Alex Mack is in cahoots with Iron Chef America. Tsk.

HIMYM (is it supposed to read kind of like "hymen"?) wasn't the best, but at least it had Ewoks. Man, those things kind of scare me. I find them intimidating. Those guys, I'd cross the street, definitely. Ewoks!

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