Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 48

I had some enrichment time at work today, so I read one of the classic reference for copy editors: Words Into Type (WIT).

I started with abbreviations.

e.g. = for example 
i.e. = that is

I've not used the above abbreviations since I've had to take notes to study as dictated by a professor of some sort. I remembered "e.g." was used for examples because "examples" sounds like "eggsamples" and there you have the "e.g." If that was "e.g." then other one is "i.e." and was used for something specific/definite.

when using "such as" do not also use "etc." or "and so forth"

I feel like most rambling characters use "etc." and "and so forth," so it's interesting that they're not allowed to use "such as" as well. (e.g. I love meat, such as salami, prosciutto, etc. and so forth. i.e. all cured meats especially.)


"US" when this book was written was designated to include periods, but even then, they admitted that the trend has been moving toward no periods. Per Chicago Manual of Style 16 (CMS 16), there aren't any periods. What's interesting is that they use the "Soviet Union" and the "U.S.S.R." as examples too. I really think they should come out with a new edition. It's been more than thirty years!

(small caps) A.D.

I forget if this concurs with WIT, but it's the house style I'm supposed to use.

cf. = compare
et al. = and others
i.q. = the same as
Q.E.D. = which was to be demonstrated
sup. = above

These are abbreviations that I think I've seen in Infinite Jest

q.l. = as much as you please
q.pl. = as much as seems good
q.v. = as much as you will

WIT said that these are abbreviations that might be seen on a prescription. I think their ambivalence is kind of fun.

Fun fact: WIT recommends not using a period for any abbreviations of measurement except for inches since it can be confused as the preposition "in." Though I guess I just demonstrated that it could still be confused for the preposition "in," and now this sentence ends over there (see period at end) to avoid that.

I thought I'd get to commas, but numbers was up next. Numbers. They make me so sleepy. Zzz . . .
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