Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 38

I used to have a great uncle named Giuseppe. At least I think that was his real name. He called himself Tony. When he first came to visit, I was maybe six or nine or somewhere in between. I remember bouncing to the door, thinking it was my grandma back from wherever she was. I peeked through the mailbox, and my blood ran cold. I was terrified and confused because I've never met my great uncle Tony before and he looked like the bum who roamed around our neighborhood. (My dad likes to call the bum "Mommy's boyfriend," as in my mom's boyfriend--not his mom's boyfriend.) I don't think my dad was expecting him either. But it was all sorted, and I remember playing school and writing a story for my siblings for "Reading class" about Uncle Tony's visit. He passed away earlier this year. He and my grandma's sister, Elisa, were married for more than fifty years. Till death and all. They lived on a farm near Naples with chickens and dogs and a handmade fountain that they built at some point. Uncle Tony smoked tons, even while needing to be on oxygen.

Anyway, this guy I worked with, Giuseppe, quit today, and that reminded me of the tidbit I had about my great uncle Tony.

After work I went home and watched multiple episodes of Awkward. Jon made these burgers. Mmmm . . .

Tidbit from Modernist Cuisine/Jon-ernist Cuisine: don't use binders (eggs/bread crumbs/etc.) in burgers--they inhibit good mouthfeel unless you like rubbery mouthfeel. The more loosely you pack it the juicier it is. Try it. Mouthfeel.
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