Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mondrian LA

Our suite at the Mondrian 
back at the end of September 
was amazing.

It was our first night in LA proper,
and we had just survived Carmageddon 2012.

The extremely skinny woman behind the desk
upgraded our room.
It was on a low floor and had no view,
but it was quiet and 

Like larger than our one-bedroom/kinda-decent-for-NYC-size apartment.

The mirror thing in the middle of the room is a swiveling
flat-screen TV.
That was cool.

It was so much fun staying in the room that we got room service for breakfast.
We got room service for one person because, well, it was damn expensive,
and we were anticipating a delicious sushi dinner that night.
But at least we got to enjoy our room some more.

The pool's a bit famous at this hotel,
so we checked it out.
But it was no herb garden pool
like at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa,
so we spent more time in our HUGE room instead.

On a scale of all the hotel rooms I've been in,
it's in my top ten, I think.
There was no awesome tub at all though.
Just a shower.
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