Monday, December 10, 2012

Nathan Myhrvold's Lecture on the Making of Modernist Cuisine

Over a year ago at Astor Center we saw Nathan Myhrvold speak about the making of Modernist Cuisine. Jon got us a signed book plate that they especially made for the books for our edition. It's funny how he just glows in that light.

Nathan's speech was mostly things that he thought was cool about the making of the book. There was wine and water and bread and cheese. It was a nice event. Not stuck up at all. And intimate. (The space was about half the space of the "cocktail" hour space at Blue Hill for private dining. It's reminiscent of that space anyway.)

One of the interesting things was that the ink of all the tomes are something like six pounds or something nuts. The ink additional adds girth to the books too. I never gave much thought to ink before on books I've worked on.

Also, it was here that we first were introduced to Nathan's "pea-ness" joke. Say that outloud: pea-ness. He's mentioned it at every event/talk since then. Oh, Nathan.

Luckily, we recently were able to taste the pea-ness he's talking about. It was really quite delicious. After hearing so much about it, it was exciting to finally taste it. I wish we had a bit more to taste though.
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