Monday, December 3, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: Some Succulent Sides

Jon was born on Thanksgiving in 1982.
He's not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food.
His favorite nontraditional-Thanksgiving-but-made-for-Thanksgiving food?
Shrimp with mayo sauce.

I bread it and usually Steven fries it.
My brother, Dom, helped me fried it this year
since Steven was watching football.
My mom makes the mayo sauce:
mayo, condensed milk, and evaporated milk.

My ayee has a food tray warmer thing.
From the left:
supersilky mashed potatoes (Heston's recipe that Jon made)
fried shrimp
cream corn

Sweet potatoes with scallions, bread crumbs, and bacon pieces.

Green bean casserole 
(made with Campbell's mushroom soup
and the fried onions you get from the grocery aisle!)
I've always wanted to try it.
It was good, but not as good as adding pasta
to mushroom soup.
That's the stuff.

Sausage stuffing 
topped with turkey legs for its fat to seep into the stuffing.
I love stuffing.
Thanksgiving is the best holiday
because it's the only one that begs for stuffing on the menu.

This was the surprise new hit to the menu.
My ayee found it on Pinterest.

PoPo also made her steamed pea shoot leaves.
It's the only green thing we eat on Thanksgiving.
It's really good.

Ohhh yeah. That's all good stuff.
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