Friday, December 7, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: Leftovers!

The plate above is what I made fit into my stomach
for Thanksgiving 2012.

I eat slowly and meticulously,
but more often than not,
I'm able to get it all down.

I was ruminating about what advantages having a second stomach would be
and lamenting not having enough room to try some of the items
before I added them to my Thanksgiving trifle.

I made a Thanksgiving leftover trifle in a large gallon bucket
that's under the white takeout container on the right,
which has the leftover greens, some mayo shrimp,
and a piece of ham.
(Shrimp love ham
and vice versa.)

In the trifle (Jon calls a slop bucket) is from the bottom:
the sweet potatoes
ham with sauce
roast with gravy
turkey with gravy
mashed potatoes

That trifle lasted us about a week.
It was really good.

Then there's some pumpkin pie,
some almond dofu,
the cupcakes and some leftover cookies and Wee's pie,
an extra pack of butter (as I mentioned I was wiped out),
fruit cocktail,
vegetable stock,
and creamed corn.

In the little jar on the left is Jon's garlic confit.
Garlicy goodness.

I filled up my large tote bag with all the food we took home.

Though it took us 3.5 hours to get there
(one hour just to get to the Midtown Tunnel,
and another two hours on the highways),
it was definitely worth it.
And of course it only took half an hour to get back home!
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