Thursday, December 13, 2012

BEA 2012!

When I went to BEA this past year, I saw:
 Jennifer M. Brown (Children’s Editor)
Lauren Oliver (Author)  
Sharon Creech (Author)
Judith Viost (Author) 
talk about 
Writing Strong Female Characters 

in Middle Grade Books.

I think I left with the impression
that these author's opinion of a strong female character
meant girls that are tough and can kick butt and have attitudes--
girls that I wouldn't really want to be friends with or read about.

It's like that Simpsons episode
She tells his fortune on his palm,
and spits in his hand and says that's where his pool is.
Hilarious, classic Simpsons.

Why can't girls be nice and strong though?

I have some actual notes I wrote in the back 
of the program booklet that I had been meaning to transpose, 
but I want to post this before BEA 2013 comes around.

The coolest thing was that I just proofread Judith Viost's
latest book, which she talked about:
Lulu Walks the Dogs.

Oh, Lulu.
I kind of wish the brontosaurus made an appearance
in her latest book.
I love brontosauruses.
It was really exciting working on a book that Lane Smith
was illustrating too.
My adolescent self squealed louder than any of those 1-D/Jonas/Bieber fans.

I also got a 4ever sillyband.
A rub on tattoo.
A cool tote bag from Chronicle.
And some signed and not signed books.

And I saw a cute pair of shoes
that I had been lusting after for a few months
that I could no longer find in my size.
They were definitely really cute.
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