Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 51

On Friday, I went to Mercat with Dani and Nat and used a Google Offer coupon. (Mercat is really nearby Hung Ry, which was also a delicious dinner a long time ago.) Here's a quick rundown:

3 pieces: shrimp in cream sauce neatly package in friedness; these I'd get again.

3 pieces: shredded chicken (not as creamy as the shrimp), fried up; these I'd probably pass on due to them not being as creamy as the shrimp; I wish they had a pork croquetas though.

Great dish to share; really good fried potatoes; these I'd get again.

Kind of messy to share, but it was really satisfying; per the menu: Mushrooms, Fried Egg, Truffle Vinaigrette, and Fried shoestring Potatoes; I'd want to get this again--I want to eat this right now--but there's a lot of other stuff on the menu to try.

Sliced into 4 pieces: I think we had this, but it had tomatoes too--and I don't remember the potatoes; per the menu: Grilled Hanger Steak, Cipollini Onions, Fingerling Potatoes, Watercress and La Peral Sauce; same as above--the steak, whichever one we had, was cooked and seasoned so nicely though.

The size of this dessert was like a Landmarc dessert (so, small), but it was satisfying; same as above--I'd get again, but there's other stuff to try, like churros! It's less souffle-y than molten chocolate cake-y, so would really hit the chocolate spot; we decided on this dessert because Friday was cold, and when the weather is cold, it's time to eat warm chocolate. 

The place was really cute and cozy. Kind of like a Spanish version of the original-Landmarc. The waitress was incredibly patient with us too because we were waiting for Jon to show up and just ordered to pass the time initially. (He was stuck in a meeting the entire time and didn't make it though.) And the coupon shaved a nice little portion of our final bill. With all these coupons and discounts all over the place, you feel kind of like a chump paying regular price to eat out anymore. 

Today, I cut out pieces of my department's costumes for our Halloween party on Friday. Tomorrow, I will sew them up. I also bought the big thing of blue body paint from Ricky's. Blue.
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