Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wedding Advice XI

Oh, wow. Have you seen this site about wedding venues yet? It's pretty awesome.

On further inspection, it's like everything about planning a modern wedding without all the hysterics of weddingbee and is more detailed than magazine blogs/theknot. Check it out!

I'm not really certain how I got to this page: I was on my GoogleReader to see what Cup of Jo had to say this afternoon, then I clicked on Blue Hill and saw that we missed buying tickets for the Harvest Festival tomorrow. Then I noticed that they were renting out the Hay Barn for events and Google found a link that brought me to her site. Oh, the webs we weave.

Still, holy moly--$105,000 wedding at Blue Hill for about 150 guests?! Our rehearsal dinner there was about for eighty guests and wasn't as much as that--but I guess at least the Hay Barn is actually an option now, which is nice. (The only option we had was using the private dining area or shutting down the place for about $60,000.) Weddings are expensive.

In the meantime:

Jonathan:  little
you are already married man
 Sent at 4:11 PM on Friday

Yeah, but I have a big birthday coming up in a few years, and I need to keep my options open.
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