Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 37

Last night we went to Kajitsu for our monthly meal. Their theme for this month was chrysanthemums. It was pretty delicious as usual. The best dishes were an braised onion soup with mushrooms--the onion was so incredibly sweet--and the dessert mochi with fig filling--which was so lavish-tasting because the mochi tasted so fresh and melted in my mouth. The pictured dish was made from potatoes (shredded and some colored to look like chrysanthemums) with a chrysanthemum-shaped pasta, and had some edible flower petals, and mushrooms. It's a small dish, but it very successfully whets the appetite for the dishes to come. Oh, and his ginger rice dish always hits the spot. Mmm. . . .

It was my uncle's birthday yesterday--I completely forgot to call him. Happy birthday, Uncle Al!
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