Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 49

Today, Lakshmi came over for dinner. We had Dickson's sloppy joe over linguine and olive bread and baby lettuce and marked correctly priced mozzarella and Financier tiramisu and chocolate something with raspberry. It was good times.

On her way over she ran into the guy who plays Ben Linus on Lost and is now on Person of Interest. Thinking he was someone familiar, she said hi to him. And he smiled back. He was walking his dog.

We watched the latest episode of Ringer. Jon can get the TV characters on that show to answer his questions. It's like he's the Ringer whisperer.

Yesterday, I learned about not cooking smelly chicken. The smell doesn't disappear by cooking. And it tastes as bad as it smells, which might be vomit inducing. And today I saw a bridesmaid dress that might be reused as a chicken costume for Halloween. Just raise the hem a bit and the normal bridesmaid dress stuff. Easy peasy. Cluck.

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