Friday, June 25, 2010

One Week Ago + One Day

I turned 27.

Even though I took a sick day because I thought I had bronchitis or asthma and had to go to the doctor, I still had the best birthday ever.

Wee hung up on me because she thought I was a creepy man.

Wee came over with my two favorite donuts: strawberry glazed with sprinkles and a Boston cream. She also gave me the best card: a baby with a princess crown--such a cute baby!

We went to the pool for a few minutes. It was really cold. REALLY cold. She beat me at laps.

We ate Chinese food for lunch with Grandma--who was lucid enough to remember my birthday!

We watch 15 minutes of Gilmore Girls and then went to the doctor.

The doctor made me take a test to make sure I didn't have asthma. It was 20 min. of being drugged to induce asthma and drugged with Albuterol and LOTS of breathing. Breathing is hard, yo.

We picked up my Fudgie the Whale cake from Bergenline and dropped it off at our parents' house.

Then we went to my apartment where we ate Pam's delicious green tea flavored treats before heading to the roof party where the weather was perfect. (It looked like it might rain for a second.) There was baked macaroni, a bunch of delicious little puff pastry wrapped items, fresh fruit, string beans, cannoli, etc. Music WAS provided by a DJ. Lux danced for all of us and there was a standing ovation.

We took these photos of us and the sunset against Harlem.

We had Fudgie the Whale cake.

The next day I had a summer Friday off, so Wee and I got her car fixed and then went to the mall where I bought 3 rompers, pants, shorts, and a tank top. We ate the leftover Chinese food and passed out while watching Party Down. Dani came over and brought delicious cupcakes from Crumbs, and I made a butter pasta dish to eat on the roof. It was really nice and then it got cold. When Jon came home, we had more treats that he brought from Sarabeth's.

I think there's still more Whale though. Mmmm....Good, good birthday!
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