Friday, June 25, 2010

One Year Ago

Michael Jackson died, and we got our wedding favors done.

I remember I went to get a facial and on my way home I heard "Going to the Chapel" on CBSFM. They were kind of promoting an all day celebration of June weddings, and they also advertised something about having food themed-songs too. This was pretty appropriate since I was getting married that Saturday, and we had to finish our favors since the day before the actual wedding would be a complete nightmare to complete anything. (We were throwing things that I planned on doing under the bus left and right.)

Hand-cut parchment paper.

Hand-cut caramel made my Jon. (Note caramel was a huge pain in the butt--it had to be pliable enough to cut but not melting. It melted often.)

Wee loves it. She LOVES it!

Anyway, I remember it being around midafternoon when the CBS announcer said that there are reports that Michael Jackson is dead. He noted that the reports were from TMZ though, but that they're usually right. Unfortunately, TMZ was right. And they played "Man in the Mirror" and a bunch of other Michael Jackson songs for the rest of the evening. We didn't complete the chocolates and caramel wrapping and box stuffing until midnight.

Stuffing the boxes.

That silver blob on the top right? Chocolate.

Handmade, hand-cut, and hand-wrapped caramels and chocolates.

Indiana Jones running through our favor boxes and being chased by a huge panda bear.

My mom also worked on the crudites for the after ceremony snacks.

I have no clue what I'm doing here, but I'm in my parents' hall, picking through the empty box that my flowers came in that's now full of garbage. So actually, I know that I'm picking through garbage here, but I can't remember why. Haha.
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