Friday, January 20, 2012


Stealth Mountain
Just look at those peaks!
Despite the freezing temperatures and the chance of snow, it's Friday, and I know this weekend will be awesome:

Jon's back from nearly being ambushed by deer at this scary hotel.

Speaking of scary, this homemade video has been my life for the past week or so.

Check out Stealth Mountain (@StealthMountain). Now to start a twitter bot that scolds people for using "alot" instead of "a lot."

Some DIY/craft blogs with such cute stuff: Thanks, I Made It, with an i.e., Dismount Creative, Wit & Whistle. I'm looking at you Morse code necklace.

It's the last weekend to slide at the New Museum, so it's now or never. 

Monday is Chinese New Year's day! Wear some red for luck.

What I want to do for my twenty-ninth birthday.

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