Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christina Tosi's/Milk Bar's/Jon's Corn Cookies

Nat was hosting a cookie exchange pre-New Year's Eve party,
so we needed to make some interesting cookies.
The most interesting cookies we've had in awhile were the corn cookies 
from Momofuku Milk Bar.

To make these cookies, first, you probably would want to 
buy the book because the recipes are awesome.
Then mise en place yourself.

Here's the recipe from the book:

To cream (butter and sugar).

So creamed.

(Follow the excerpted page below to cream your cookies.
You get a good sense of the tone of the book too.
It's a good tone.
And it's easy to follow her directions too.)


I love that line: "You can certainly make delicious cookies 
without a mixer . . . But not these cookies."

Other ingredients tossed in.

Plopped to be chilled.

Scooped and flattened.


Corn cookies.

They were a bit on the salty end, so we'll have to reduce or use a different salt next time.
Jon also made a brown butter sauce for it, but in the end we skipped setting that out for dipping.
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