Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Psst! Want in on a BIG secret?

This time last year, I was grieving the loss of my grandma and trying to hire a copy editor to rush copyedit the first book in this series. Now there are two books (four, if you count the paperbacks--that have glitter on the covers!--and the hard covers)! With at least five more (or ten, counting the hard-cover format) on the way and in various stages of production (but mostly done).

My boss forwarded this ad to me that PW is blasting with the subject: Psst! Want in on a BIG secret?

It's all pretty exciting when a book sells really well or a series takes off.

Next spring we're launching a new series about a boy that moves with his family to another planet. It's kind of what inspired our space-themed holiday card this year.
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